Payment Method

send amount via bank

Bank Account No: PK85FAYS3226301000003361

 Account Title: Subhan Talha

  • Bank Name: Faysal Bank                  
  • SWIF Code: FAYSPKKA112
  • Bank Address: Faysal House, Street-02, Shahrah-e-Faysal, Karachi 

send amount via binance id

Binance Pay ID: 462774757

send amount via crypto

Tron (TRC20): TVzQTvQjQG2teX9cRz7VhJdcG6wy6SqXmg
BTC Wallet: 1DhtzQLC75Di7AApUco5GwcLRhMTaP3NiF
BNB (BEP20): 0xa2f1f59cd9468e36a37ca03f21e73e603af01f2a


Upon remitting the specified amount, kindly share the corresponding receipt with us by sending it to our designated email address: Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.